Beginners Racquets

Which tennis racket is best for a beginner?

The most important thing for a beginner would be to go with a lighter racket and smaller grip size. This will ensure that the player will learn to grip the racket comfortably and in the right way and will ensure that when the beginner is learning the technique he/she will be able to practice and implement it to perfection without the racket being a hindrance.

Light weight is better for Beginners

The most important aspect of the tennis ground stroke and serve is the extension and completion of the follow through and the speed at which the racket is going through the follow through. These two if mastered right by the beginner, with a lot of practice will help them in hitting the ball in the best possible way which will lead them to improve as player at a much faster pace. The light weight of the racket will make it easy for the beginner to swing freely and fast which will let them generate high racket head speed which will automatically help them finish with a nice full follow-through. So, it is key that they pick a racquet which is of a light weight and small grip size.

Head size

Another key factor would be to choose a racquet with not too big a head size. This will help the player focus more on the ball which will make them learn to contact the ball in the center of the racquet. Learning with a smaller head size will help maximize their accuracy, and will overall help them become better players. For a beginner between the age of 2-7 they can go for a 23-24 inch racquet. Between 8-13 they can go for a Junior racquet which is 26 inches in length. Any beginner above the age of 13 can go for a standard-length racquet which is 27 inches in length.

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