Vibration Dampener

What is a Vibration Dampener and Why do we use it in a Tennis Racquet?

A Vibration Dampener is a small device usually made of some sort of rubber material that is inserted into the string bed just above the throat of the tennis racquet. The main purpose of the vibration dampener is to reduce the vibration of the strings of a racquet and subsequently reduce or eliminate the “ping” sound you hear when you strike a ball.

Types of Dampeners:

There are 2 types of vibration dampeners. First and the most common type is referred to as a button dampener as it is roughly the size of a large button. The other type of dampener is referred to as worm dampener as it is long and thin in the shape of a worm.

How to install Dampener:

Button dampeners are usually easy to install as they simply need to be inserted in between two centermost main strings towards the throat of a racquet. Worm dampeners come in few different shapes & sizes and are woven in between the main strings.

Popular Dampeners:

Head Djokovic Dampener,  Tecnifibre ATP Dampener, Wilson Pro Feel, Wilson Emotisorb, Head Smartsorb, Babolat Flag Dampener, and many more. You can check the complete list of Vibration Dampeners here.

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