How often should you restring your tennis racquet?

Tennis strings are as important to your game as a Tennis Racquet. Strings have a lot of wear and tear after continuous use and hence lose their elasticity and will not give you the same performance as they did when they were brand new.

Tennis Strings lose their tension after you string the racquet. They can lose about 10% of their tension and even further when you start playing on the court.

Players face a problem when they are not able to play with the same versatility and edge they once did with their new strings. The tension of the string has a huge impact on the power, spin and control that a tennis racquet can offer. How frequently you restring your tennis racquet is based on how much you play. Club level players are recommended to string their racquet once in 2 months even if the string doesn’t break.

factors that influence the restringing of a racquet:

Frequency of Play:  How frequently you play will determine how many times you need to string your racquet every year.

Length of play: How long you play every time you are in for a game is a crucial part of deciding whether you need to change your tennis string. Also, those who play for a longer duration of time must consider changing their Tennis Strings. If you are playing tennis every day of the week, you must restring your racquet every month or once every 30 days.

Style of Play: Those who are net players need not string their racquets, unlike Baseline players who will have to string their racquet more frequently considering that they are constantly using a lot of force while playing.

Level of Competition: Players who are playing for recreation need not worry about restringing their racquets unlike those who play at tournament level. Also if you are serious about playing tennis and want to improve your game, you must string your racquet more frequently so that you are able to take your game one step further.

How to know when to change your Strings?

Loss of control: as the string lose their tension it becomes more difficult to control the ball and you will find yourself hitting more unforced errors.

Less spin & Lack of pop: due to loss of elasticity there is a reduction in the snap-back of the strings and hence they don’t produce the same amount of spin & pop when they are freshly strung.

Change in feel & sound: as the strings wear they feel stiffer and hit like a board. The familiar “ping” sound changes to more of a “thud” sound.

Final Word

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7 thoughts on “How often should you restring your tennis racquet?”

  1. Thanks for the detailed article.

    I have been a recreational tennis player for the last 15 years or so. I regularly play 3-4 days a week, 1 to 1.5 hrs per day. I change my strings at 60 lbs every 4-5 months when it breaks. What is the recommended string tension for a player like me?

    1. Assuming you use polyester string, I wouldn’t recommend you to string it above 55 lbs. Ideally 52 lbs should be the starting point and then vary it based on what you are looking for. Go lower for more power and higher for more control.

      Do consider re-stringing the racquet at least once in 2-3 months even if the string doesn’t break.

  2. Great article. One other factor that players may want to consider is the gauge or “thinness” of the string. The higher the gauge the greater the playability BUT the greater the probability of breakage and or tension loss.

    1. You are right. Thinner gauge strings have less durability and marginally more tension loss but for players looking for power & spin the trade off is worth it because thinner gauge strings generate more power & spin.

  3. An amazing article! It’s really a great effort. Tennishub should offer stringing services as well, because in several cities stringing is not upto the mark and restringing becomes a problem. I’m sure tennishub can take up this challenge and come up with something! Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Stringing service is not viable operating online due to the logistics cost involved.

      Having said that our first retail outlet is opening soon in Hyderabad in the next 2-3 weeks. So we are going to offer stringing services for customers in Hyderabad which will also include Racquet pickup & drop.

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